Lincare Rolla Now Caring for Our Home Care and Respiratory Care Clients

Lincare Rolla Now Caring for Our Home Care and Respiratory Care Clients

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Our thanks to Mark and Collette for their valued work with Home and Respiratory Care clients.

It has been a painful decision to discontinue our affiliation with our former francise.

Please contact Lincare Rolla for your future needs (573) 364-1000.

Those Healthy Tomatoes

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I don’t know about you but I love fresh garden vegetables, even when I am overrun with them.  Invariably, my husband plants a garden that is too big and we end up giving vegetables away by the bushel.  I think the wonderful folks at First State Community Bank and All Y’All’s next door are going to start locking their doors when they see me coming for fear I will dump another 30 pounds of zucchini on them.  In fear of facing them once more I have resorted to leaving them at the front door.  ; )

As I drove to the pharmacy this morning Jerry had filled a plastic bag with “cherry” tomatoes and placed them in the front floorboard of my truck.  He failed to tie the top.  With the first corner I rounded there were tomatoes everywhere!  I stopped almost immediately to pick them up and place them back in the bag and, of course, when I opened the truck door they began plopping out on the ground.  If only tomatoes were square…

If you are like me I try to use every vegetable we harvest (or as outlined earlier I make sure someone else does if I am too blessed) as soon I will be craving fresh vegetables and will be forced to trudge through the snow to buy them at $3.00 a pound.

I am not the cook in our family but here is my feeble attempt at a quick and cool recipes for those wonderful tomatoes:

2 cups of salad tomatoes (cherry)

2 cups of fresh mozzarella cheese cut into chunks or “pearls”

1/2 cup of salad dressing of your choice

Fresh ground pepper to taste

Fresh basil cut or torn in small bits

Add ins: croutons, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, dried cherries or cranberries, or chilled Quinoa

Mix and savor


3 cups of any type of your favorite pasta cooked and chilled

1 cup of halved salad tomatoes

Fresh basil, torn or chopped (to taste)

1/4 cup of olive oil (add a tablespoon at a time if too dry)

2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

Pinch of sea salt and fresh black pepper (to taste)

You can also start with hot pasta and heat through the other ingredients or use the add ins above for variety


Add fresh tomatoes to your favorite chili recipe, pasta, or pizza.



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The weather is cooling down, the leaves are falling, and the holidays are on everyone’s mind.  It’s a time of change.  Here in Richland one of the businesses you have trusted for years has been undergoing change as well.  Stockstill’s Pharmacy is now York & Co. Pharmacy.  Kyle and Olivia York, as well as Jerry and Nita Bechtel, have joined together to purchase your community pharmacy.  But only the name has changed.  The same great staff you have come to know and trust are working hard to make your health goals achievable.

We at York & Co. Pharmacy are thankful–to be a part of the community, for the opportunity to own a community pharmacy, and for a great staff with the experience and knowledge to serve our patrons.  We are thankful to work with family and with associates who feel like family.  And we are thankful for you, our extended family!

Both French novelist Alphonse Karr and George Bernard Shaw are credited with the quote, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  The wisdom in that quote is appropriate to the pharmacy transition.  We are changing but we are the same.  The experience, integrity, and dedication to health and wellness will never change.  But we are offering new and exciting services in the next few weeks.  While we are changing we are still dedicated to offering the same personal service that is part of our pharmacy’s heritage.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.  We extend our wishes for your most blessed Thanksgiving ever.

Stop by to see us and watch our Website for more information!

New and Exciting Changes

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Watch our Website for new and exciting changes in the next few weeks. More soon!